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Responsible Resource Consumption
Increasing our Renewable Energy Mix

Aim to increase the percentage of renewable energy mix year on year

Reducing tonnage per sqft by driving better recirculation methods

Our Progress

Planned installation of solar panels at our distribution facility in FY24 that is expected to generate 75KWP annually.

Establishment of energy and fuel efficiency intiatives
Implementation of energy-saving devices at stores.
Installation of high efficiency LED bulbs at our new outlets.
Monitoring diesel consumption of transportation vehicles.
Managing Electricity Consumption

Initiatives to progressively increase our renewable energy mix and to implement more energy efficient systems.

Managing Our Diesel Consumption

We will consider expanding the data boundary of our Scope 1 emission sources.

Managing Waste Responsibly

Commitments to reduce the usage of Cardboard Boxes & switch to multiple use gunny bags.

Committed to optimising our water consumption via regular tracking.

Labour Standards
Employee Training And Development

We are committed to creating a fair and inclusive environment.

Wages, Working Hours And Benefits

Our aim is to ensure a fair wage for fair hours of work, and equal pay for equal work across the organization.

Diversity And Inclusion

Committed to nurturing an inclusive, fair working environment.

Child & Forced Labour

Zero-tolerance policy towards child and forced labour.

Harassment And Bullying

Provided a platform for employees to express concerns pertaining to incidents of bullying or harassment.


Whistleblowing Policy to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical behaviour.

Freedom Of Association

We encourage employees to have open communications with us.

Our Community Investments

Our community engagement programmes create an ecosystem of trust and growth.

Health & Safety

We have an OHS committee that oversees the implementation of health programmes and plans.